Hi, I’m Liesl

My true calling as a wordsmith began when I noticed my irresistible urge to take a red pen to errors on anything—really. From restaurant menus to roadside signs to the editorial page of The Washington Post to published works, any type of content seems to be fair game.

Since 1994, I spent many years on the editorial teams of DC-area associations, working my way from copyeditor to managing editor, and then joined AOL International. Travel, finance, news, and lifestyle were the topics I researched and wrote about. I got a chance to put my French skills to use when I began managing a localization team that launched AOL Canada’s first French-language service.

I started my full-time freelance career in 2007, doing the full range of editing (proofreading, copyediting, and substantive editing). My favorite editing projects were research and advocacy books for organizations that study political, social, and economic policy.

From eagle-eyed editor, I began writing to help my clients who need original, persuasive, and meaningful content to connect with their audiences. I specialize in writing about research for consumer audiences, especially translating research from the lab to the field.

Some of my favorite projects these days are writing about science and health care topics. I like to help my clients speak to their audiences in a voice that they understand. By working closely with clients, I write to clarify and explain unfamiliar ideas in a way that enhances their audiences’ understanding, awareness, and commitment. Together, we can focus on what their audiences need by clarifying the message without dumbing it down.

I can work with your team for one-off projects and ongoing support. Let’s talk about how.

Liesl Wiederkehr